Monday, December 2, 2013

Hello, once again. :)  Thought I'd do another update, since I've been lacking it here lately. :(  I've always been updating more on my FB wall/page so, that's why I lack coming on this blog.

Found this clip on YouTube (YT) today (2013.12.02).  It's Tohoshinki's 13.11.29 Mission Card 26 w/Eng subs.  Enjoy!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Monday, September 30, 2013

東方神起 a-Nation 2013 Stadium Festival (FujiNEXT 2013.09.29) Video

R U Ready TOHOSHINKI a-Nation 2013 Concert - Let's Go!!!!
[FULL VID] 13.09.29 Tohoshinki a-Nation 2013 FujiNEXT

1. Catch Me~if you wanna~
2. B.U.T.
3. Superstar
4. Scream
5. Humanoids (new dance)

To watch, click link:

To D/L, click link:

*credit links and video: Shared by HOMIN Fanclub Thailand (Only)*
#tvxq #yunho #changmin #tohoshinki

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

**[HQ] 130922 YUNHO at Incheon Airport heading to Ghana, Africa**
credit: @yunhoKKU &
Note: Credits ask to NOT edit or remove logos from photos.  Thank you!

Omgosh, these latest pics of Yun, are so kakkoii/handsome and kyaaaaa~!!! @@@@ <3 (speechless)

He seriously looks 'preppy'-looking wearing a grey long-sleeve shirt, blk denim cargo bermuda shorts, white athletic shoes, blk leather cap, matching colored shades to his shirt, and blk backpack.  Totally LOVE him dressed like this! *wink* <3

Finally, got it 'going on' here, fashion-wise! *thumbs up*  Just continue to dress like this, and you'll be fine. (hehe) ;) <3

Kakkoii/handsome Yun... ;) <3
hmmm...looking at his passport book...
Waving 'hi' to his fans... *awwww* <3 ;)
Bye-bye...take care for us, Yun~ <3

Monday, September 23, 2013


Hello everyone!  So sorry I've neglected coming back here in awhile. *dies*  I think it's because, I've been spending WAY too much time these days on my FB wall. lol  Hadn't spent much time on my Tumblr, Twitter, or Sina/Baidu accounts. :((( (too lazy)  *sigh*...the story of my life... hahaha

Well, as you've also noticed, take note I've changed this Yunho blog to a Tohoshinki/TVXQ one now. :)  I've seriously dedicated it solely to the unit. <3  If it weren't for them, this blog wouldn't be where it's at.  So, thanks to you, Tohoshinki/TVXQ...this blog is for YOU!! <3 <3 *thumbs up* (and to all the dedicated TVXQ/Tohoshinki fans out there)

To the all my fangirls still being patient with this blog starting, I've comprised another updated version to their 2013 Schedule for the entire year.  Please take note to this new schedule, as it lists their scheduled upcoming events taking place (as we speak), from September to December. :)

For those of you who wonder what's happening currently with the unit, I hope this schedule will be of help, somewhat. (a few more things added by an *asterisk)  Don't hesitate to ask me any questions on my FB wall regarding their schedule.

NOTE: Please take the time to comment to this posting, if possible.  I'd love to hear from all of you.  This comment-section takes anonymous comments.  Just let me know your FB username so I know 'who' you are.  Thank you! *thumbs up* (I didn't make this posting for nothing. lol) :D

*credit info: Anne Lindberg from Facebook (FB)* (Thank you Anne-eonnie for their latest tidbit info! *hugs & kisses*)
2013.24.09 Fuji TV NEXT "SMTown Live 2012" @ 10:00-12:00pm

2013.25.09 "Make Your Move 3D" BoA movie with U-Know Yunho in a cut-dance scene will be shown in cinema theaters in the Philippines. (more release dates to come in other Asian countries)

2013.09.27 "Yawang" Special clip shown in 24 cinema theaters in Japan

2013.09.29 a-Nation concert broadcast 7:00-10pm on SKY TV

*2013.09.30 Re-broadcast of TIME Tour at Tokyo Dome 10:00-12pm on FujiTV Next

2013.09.30 "Make Your Move 3D" BoA movie with U-Know Yunho in a dance scene shown in cinema theaters in Hong Kong. (more release dates to come in other Asian countries)

2013.10.05 Fan meeting in Seoul, Korea at the University Hwajung Gymnasium 7:00pm

2013.10.06 Gyeongyu Hallyu Dream Concert (Gyeongyu public stadium @ 8:00-10pm
-21 artists to perform

2013.10.10 "Fly with the Gold" (Changmin) Japanese movie screened in Korean cinema theaters

2013.10.13 Shilla Duty Free Fan meeting in Korea @ Coex Gangnam 3:00-9pm

2013.10.19 SMTown Beijing Concert @ Capital Stadium/6:00pm

2013.10.23 Release date for live recording DVD & Blu-ray of Dome TIME Tour/Tokyo Dome from June 17th concert

2013.10.26 Broadcast of Final at Nissan Stadium Performance 8:00-10pm FUJI TV Next Live Premium/SKY Channel 309/SKY Premium Channel 613

2013.10.26-27 SMTown III Special Edition Tokyo Dome
-Tohoshinki, BoA, Super Junior, Girl's Generation, EXO-K, EXO-M, f(x), and SHINee will perform
-Reservation for changes of artists
-26th starts @ 5:00pm
-27th: starts @ 3:00pm

2013.11.01-03 "Gwanghwamun Sonata" (Love Song 2) Musical in Shanghai (Yunho's stage play musical)
-International Art Festival at Shanghai Art Theatre
-Cast: U-Know Yunho (TVXQ) together with Seungho (MBLAQ), G.O. (MBLAQ), Sungje (Supernova), Woohyun (Infinite), Minhwan (FTIsland), Ji Yeob (ZE:A), and Hyung-Sik (ZE:A)

2013.11.15 - 2013.12.09 Art Exhibition of Asami Kiyokawa (special Tohoshinki appearance)
-held at Shibuya Parco Museum, Tokyo
-free entrance
-Exposing 30 prominent men from Asia.  Among them are Tohoshinki (See separate post)

2013.11.20 "Yawang" will be aired on the Internet by link that follows
-Watch it here: (this link is currently on stand-by-mode)

2013.11.22 MAMA Mnet Asian Music Awards
-in Hong Kong
-artists undecided as of yet

2013.11.23-24 Tohoshinki Bigeast Official Fanclub Event @ Saitama Super Arena
-two meetings a day, starting @ 2:00pm and 6:00pm
-doors open one hour earlier for each time meeting

2013.11.30 - 2013.12.01 Tohoshinki Bigeast Official Fanclub Event @ Kobe World Hall
-two meetings a day, starting 2:00pm and 6:00pm
-doors open one hour earlier for each time meeting

*2013.12.26 10th Anniversary of TVXQ/Tohoshinki (among other things)
-The happy TVXQ Tree Project in Yeoido, Seoul

Sunday, May 19, 2013

[Yunho focus] 2013.05 TVXQ - Live World Tour 'Catch Me' in Malaysia (Pt 1)

Hey, everyone!  Well, here's my 'new' home for my personal TVXQ/東方神起 blog.  Decided to try it here instead of having it on Livejournal, and I'm already loving it here 10x better!

Since there's been a lot going on with Yunho lately, and with the unit, I'll do a new posting on their 'Catch Me' Tour Concert in Malaysia that happened.  For those of you who want to watch videos on it, here's a link to watch fancam vids of their entire show, to every performance to this concert:

[VIDEO] 130518 TVXQ - Live World Tour 'Catch Me' in Malaysia

To me, I think this has been one of the BEST concerts they've done in a long time, by to their Beijing concert.  So much love shown, both by the fans and by TVXQ. <3

Well, I also have a few pics too to this concert as well below:
*credit pics: Facebook (FB) and various other *

Love his red hair now.  Took me awhile to get used-to seeing it so 'red'. lol  But, it's actually growing on me. :)  And FINALLY, he doesn't have his hair wavy or curly-looking either!  I never really liked it that way, to tell you the truth.  Sorry. :(  I prefer his hair perfectly like this; straight. ;) *wink*  Look at his smirk-facial expression too. @@@@  I love it whenever he flirts to the fans and camera this way.


Such a beautiful smile to this pic.  Totally love him this way more.  And these fancam pics are so upclose too. *dies* @@@@  I guess they weren't that strict this time around in letting fans bring in zoom lens cameras and video camcorders.  Because, this time there's tons of videos as well as pics!  Lucky! <3

Wish they'd be this lenient too with cameras for an LA concert here in the U.S. ><  Usually, they're not and are very strict when it comes to bringing in cameras and camcorders into concerts here.  Security will confiscate it if they find you're hiding it in your bag, trying to conceal it into the venue, and they do check your bags and/or purses too.  You'll have to pick it up at the front after the venue is over.

I totally love this pic of Yun so much.  It's one of my favorite ones of him, to tell you the truth (to this concert).  He really looks so handsome...not including the fact, that even though I don't like this outfit of his he's wearing, it STILL looks good on him. ><  And look at the way he's staring right at you in this photo! *kyaaaaa*  Saranghaeyeo, Yunho-sama~~ *kisses*

Now this one, I was quite worried about him standing on this small platform hoisted high above.  Chotto abunai, YunhoTono... ><  I always worry about him falling from there, you know? lol

Now, this position he's making with his hands is so cute! *awwww*  Love this t-shirt on him too. :) 

Isn't this pic of them so adorably cute?  I heard there were LOTS of rabu-rabu goin' on between them on stage this time around. (hehe) ;)  rabu-rabu in Japanese is slang for saying 'lovey-dovey' or 'love-love'...showing public displays of affection toward one another, holding hands, kissing in public, etc.  But in this case, a lot of Jpop fans say this a lot toward the idols they love at concerts, whether it be Kpop idols or Jpop idols.

I love it whenever they act like this sometimes toward one another. <3 ;)

Again, 'HFB' (Honey Funny Bunny) is my MOST favorite solo performances of his to their Catch Me concerts.  I NEVER get tired of seeing pics or fancam videos of him, sexily dancing to this song.  The other 2 favorite, sexy performances of TVXQ I also love are: 1) Destiny, and 2) Before You Go.

God, doesn't he look oh-so-smexy in this blk/white pic? *dies*  Not only do I love the blk sequined jacket, but his white, 'almost' see-thru shirt and white tank top underneath, along with jeans he's wearing.  And, LOOK at the pose he's doing too! *kyaaaaaaa*  He was probably doing a slight forward-thrust of the hips back n'forth in this pic. (holy~~~)  Totally SEXY yo!!!! @@@@@ <3

Whyyyyy do this to me (again), Yunho-honey? lol

Ohhh God, and look at this pic of him too... *dies* @@@@@  C'mon, Yun...take off that jacket of yours n'come on over to me, honey... (hehe) ;) *motions him with my pointer finger to walk over to me...walking sexily toward him w/one hand on my hip...*

I love how his shirt is sort-of see-thru too... ;) <3  Too bad he has to wear the tank top inside. >< lol  If he didn't wear the tank top...or better, didn't wear a shirt AT ALL...@@@@@ *faints thinking about it* *licks lips*  He'd be like Heaven if he was half-hadaka (half-naked)... @@@@@

awwww...and the final, ending-part to the concert. :(  So sad how every good thing has to come to an end.  Wow, look at all the streamers too! @.0 lol  I wouldn't want to be the janitors that have to clean up after every concert they do. lol  Can you imagine what they find?  Man, I'd want the empty water bottles that Yunho drinks out of. hahahaha j/k

!  Encore, encore!!!! *claps w/a standing ovation for them, cheering/yelling/fangirl-screams*  I noticed they did do several encore songs too. >< (lucky)  They did 'Mirotic', 'Hi Ya Ya', 'Summer Dream/Sky', and then Ending. :)

Mirotic is one of my favorite songs too...super sexy. ;)

We'll see you again in Malaysia soon, TVXQ!!! *pinky-promise* *thumbs up* <3